HyperForce Elbow Support 5mm Medium

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Hyperforce is a Canadian company that is focused on deli-vering top quality equipment for the serious athlete. From the novice who is aspiring for greater challenges, to the top professional who is striving for first place… Hyperforce will be there, always innovating to bring the industry standards to a higher level. Hyperforce has experimented and listened to the experienced weightlifter’s requirements and designed personal training equipment using the highest quality fabrics available on the market. As the strength game evolves, so do we!
Whether your discipline is Strongman, Bodybuilding, Po-werlifting or Olympic weightlifting…we have what you need. From injury prevention to better performances, We are here.

(Jean-François Caron, with our first ever product, our 18 inch wrist wraps, at the World’s Strongest man in 2012)

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