Jan Tana Hi Definition Glaze 4fl.oz Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure, and Fitness

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NEW!, Glaze Mist.

Jan Tana Hi Definition Glaze 4fl.oz - Body Building, Bikini, Figure, and Fitness Glaze

This is the best posing Mist you will ever find. It is light, and non greasy. Stays on top of the skin to lock in your Competition Color and increase your definition.

  • Magnifies your muscularity, vascularity & hardness.
  • Highlights your physique.
  • Great massage gel!
  • Defines and highlights muscularity
  • An exclusive blend of natural oil
  • Prevents competition color from running, streaking or sweating off

This is a 4oz Gel, labelled 3oz for travel/carry-on.

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