Jan Tana Ultra 1 - Tan on Day of Competition Color, skin prep and Puff

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Jan Tana Ultra 1 - Tan on Day of Competition Color

Quick & easy to apply. Fast drying. Streak free Dark Tan!

Creates the darkest instant tan! Competition TAN'S dark bronzer gives an exaggerated deep, dark tan. Perfect for Stage use! Smoothes on easily, dries in minutes, and washes off! Makes tanning for your competition a breeze! For perfect contest color for any bodybuilding event, apply Competition TAN over SHOW TAN.

Guaranteed perfect contest color. Smooth on - Wash off with soap and water. Complete your contest preperation with Jan Tana's Posing Oil.

Product Features:

  • Applies in minutes for "The perfect contest color". So dark, 2 to 3 applications is all you need.
  • Streak-free formula applies so easily and evenly, its mistake proof! Tan yourself anywhere...anytime.
  • Dries instantly and is non-comedogenic. Conveniently washes off after your competition.
  • Takes all the guesswork out of tanning. Tanning for a competition has never been easier!
  • The choice of the best bodybuilders in the world!
  • You will enjoy the fresh, apricot fragrance.

Jan's Helpful Hints:

Before applying Competition Tan, use Jan Tana PreTan Scrub to remove dead skin cells to ensure a smooth, even application and prevent blotches on the skin.

For a deeper, longer lasting tan, apply one application of Competition Tan over two applications of Jan Tana Show Tan.

Smooth Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer over Competition Tan to blend the color and enrich your tan.

For facial tanning, mix a "little" Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer with Competition Tan or use Jan Tana Face & Body Bronzer. For a flawless, tanned complexion, mix bronzer with your makeup base.

To greatly enhance your physique, pump up, apply a light application of Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer over skin, then rub on Jan Tana Posing Oil.

To freshen up after prejudging, rinse off quickly, pat dry lightly and reapply one application of Competition Tan. Smooth Jan Tana Deep Moisturizer over skin to blend the color and enrich your tan for the finals.  

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